Top 5 tips for eye catching packaging

By Ian Segail | Blog | 3 Jan 2020 |


Top 5 Tips for eye catching packaging

The Supermarket environment is more competitive than ever here are 5 top tips for creating eye-catching packaging

1. Plan Early

The majority of marketers I work with tend to leave the briefing of a major packaging re design to the very last minute, often that is because of their own internal restrictive process. However, getting the agency involved early, either with taste testing (if it is a food product) or in a brainstorming session, will help your agency to develop a stronger strategic platform.

2. Know your Target consumer

It’s a little like knowing what you want in a relationship. When you are clear from the beginning, as to what they expect, you are far more likely to avoid a sales disaster. Not every brand can appeal to everybody as an example; incontinence pads are not going to appeal to an 18-24 year old male. When you haven’t clearly defined your target consumer, then you are unable to position your brand in the most effective and eye-catching packaging, which therefore limits your market penetration.

3. Establish an emotional connection with your consumers

Emotional connection is paramount in building a strong and successful brand – In fact, it’s your most powerful sales tool. According to a recent study, emotionally engaged consumers are:- 3 times more likely to recommend a brand they have an emotional connection with, also they are 3 times more likely to repurchase and less likely to shop around. Emotionally connected consumers are far less price sensitive, meaning that you don’t end up having to continually discount. Strong successful brands understand the power of emotional connection and embrace it.

4. Authenticity

Against hundreds of brands all competing, the only way you can set your brand apart is to be seen as real, different and authentic. When your packaging design, truly communicates your message, then you have authenticity. Your consumer is going to decide on whether to buy your product within 4 seconds, so your hierarchy needs to be spot on allowing them to navigate quickly and easily. This means you will need to be bold, inspiring and ensure that you have emotional connection.

5. Think Green

This one is close to my heart. Today consumers are becoming more and more conscious of how the products they buy impact the environment. They recycle and therefore expect their product packaging to be environmentally friendly. Developing eye-catching packaging designs that double as eco-friendly packaging will also boost sales and help your organization to be seen as a good corporate citizen, paying off now and into the future. You need to build a love affair between your product and your consumer. Packaging is the last message a consumer sees and your last chance to convince them to buy your product, so remember be brave.

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