Food Packaging: Who is to blame for overpromising packaging design?

By Ian Segail | Blog | 14 Aug 2020 |

I recently read a blog post about packaging that over promises. The post discusses how all too often products look nothing like they do on the packaging. See the images below.

The team at JAM were up in arms to quickly defend their fellow designers of these packs (as seen below). The packaging designers all banded together pointing the finger at the client side saying that some clients will go to incredible lengths to save money.

Also, most times packaging designers are designing packs for products that they have never seen or experienced. They are just following a client brief. Well where have we heard this before….”I was only doing what I was told?” Where does the responsibility start and end? At the end of the day it’s the poor consumer that ends up being ripped off! Who’s to blame? You judge for yourself. Who is at fault?

Overpromised cookies

overpromised food packaging

Half baked Pizza

pizza packaging

Colourful rip-off

rip off packaging

Short changed

short changed packaging

Ripped off again

rip off packaging

rip off food packaging

For more of these horrible packaging rip offs go to the original blog post.


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