How to Build a Strong Brand Identity For Your Business [6 Easy Steps]

By Ian Segail | Blog | 18 May 2020 |

It’s getting harder and harder to get people’s attention.

Today, because people have been exposed to more and more marketing, they’ve become jaded and sceptical and even more guarded than ever before.

Today’s consumer is in a constant state of bombardment with thousands of marketing campaigns, marketing messages, advertisements, benefit statements, claims, and promises. Whether it be online, television, radio, billboards, in store, online, direct mail, email, magazines, flyers, you name it. 

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The typical marketing message no longer creates any pop! it no longer has an impact. The messages are most often dismissed or ignored. 

This is precisely why simply “screaming your promise louder” than your competitors, in your marketing, or making a bigger, bolder claim or using one of the common hype-style headlines to power your marketing is no longer effective.

There’s more to it

Simply slapping on a logo and calling it a day just won’t do when it comes to building a strong brand identity for your business. Establishing a clear, impactful, and resonating brand identity involves far more than just creating the aesthetics – pretty pictures alone just won’t sell.

Think of a strong brand identity as the overall message you want your customers to receive when they see your business – it’s a mixing pot of using a logo, tag-lines, marketing strategies, packaging, signage, and more.  

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You need your brand to penetrate your target audience’s ’ armour and have them get excited about what you have to offer because the ordinary and mundane no longer cuts it. Cut through takes something bigger, something bolder.

Who has time these days?

People are impatient: It only takes a few seconds for them to decide whether they’re interested in your brand. This means that portraying a brand identity that instantly captures and resonates with customers (even long after they first came across your business) is absolutely key in being able to thrive amongst the sea of competition (Whether online or on the shelf) 

Well then how do you craft the perfect message for your brand identity, you ask? Keep reading for the 6 Steps To Building a Strong Brand Identity for your brand or business.

1. Do a Full-scale Brand Audit

It’s time to do a full-scale brand audit of your business. Knowing every detail of the ins-and-outs of your business is a must – it’s simply impossible to create a strong brand identity with a generic, unclear, and vague business foundation.

Some questions to understand what your business is about could include:

  • How is your brand perceived by your customers? Does it align with how you expect?
  • Where is there room for growth?
  • What aspects of the brand needs changing or improvements?
  • Are your marketing strategies in line with your brand identity?

2. Analyse your Competitors

With the wave of big brands and bold messages bombarding consumers every single day, decision fatigue is real. Make it easier for people to recognise your brand by positioning yourself differently from the rest of your competitors.

Look at other brands in your industry. What makes your business different? Why would they choose your business over any other?

In the end, your goal is to have your brand identity stand out so well that the decision to choose your brand is easy – No Questions Asked.

3. Customer Analysis

By now, you know what your brand is and who your competitors are. Here, we’re shifting the focus on the most important and relevant people for your business – YOUR CUSTOMERS!.

Having a brand identity that strongly reflects the needs and wants of your customers is something you can’t fall short on.

Don’t forget that addressing your customer’s needs and wants through tapping into their emotions is one of the most effective ways in growing brand loyalty.

Think about big name brands like Nike and Apple: They’re not just offering a product, but a fulfilling or empowering feeling – establishing a sense of connection to the brand’s identity.

Do the same by bridging that gap and foster a strong connection between your customers and your perceived brand identity.

4. Get Creative

Your brand’s design elements and copy are what you’d imagine as the front stage performance for your audience. Even after the show is over, you want your customers to at least remember your brand’s logo or even tagline.

Your brand creative must connect emotionally with your target audience

From your on shelf packaging design, social media, billboard advertisements, event signage, or shareable videos, think about the various types of relevant platforms you can use to publicise your brand identity.

5. Be Consistent

Over time, a consistent message reflective of your brand identity should be ingrained deeply into all the various promotional activities for your brand.

Whether it be in your email newsletters, posters, online advertisements, or in the creation of your website – be consistent in the language, messages, and offers you’re delivering to your customers. This must happen across all touchpoints along the pre-buying, buying and post buying consumer journey. And ALL TOUCH-POINTS must be consistent!

6. … But Improve and Refine if Necessary

As your business grows, your brand identity may need some tweaking. Your customer base may have expanded to new groups than before, or your current brand identity may seem outdated and not as relatable anymore as time goes on.

It is completely okay to change aspects of your brand identity as long as it serves to benefit your customers and is the necessary step to further expand the success and reach of your brand identity.

That all said, keeping the core fundamentals of your brand consistent is the ideal.

It’s easy for business owners to get overwhelmed when it comes to creating and developing their brand identity.

At Jam and Co, we’re experts in strategy, branding, and packaging to get you powerful results for your business brand’s growth. Get in touch with our talented and experienced marketing professionals today to see how we can transform and boost your business potential.

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