Pinnacle Drinks - La Poco Tempranillo 

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Jam were approached by Pinnacle Drinks to assist in designing an Australian grown wine with a link to the Spanish heritage of the Tempranillo red grapes. La Poco meaning “the little” is in reference to the Temperanillo, the small red grade grown in Spain. Though the wine is called ‘La Poco’ they wanted the packaging to be strong and bold on shelf.

Being of Spanish heritage the colours red and yellow were chosen for their brightness and the ability to cut through the busy wine aisle and predominately link to the Spanish flag. The crown symbols used on the bottle neck & label are used to again link back to the Spanish heritage and the royalty, adding to that unique factor.

Pinnacle Drinks La Poco Wine
Pinnacle Drinks La Poco Wine Closeup
Pinnacle Drinks La Poco Wine Grapes

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