Kellogg's® – Just Right® Fusion

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Kellogg’s® Just Right®, developed a new cereal blend consisting of Cereal & Granola together. Just Right® Fusion is the best of both products.

Consumers were asking for something different. Something that hasn’t been seen before. This ultimate cereal that Kellogg’s® have created has two sku’s - Cranberry + Apple & Almond + Cashew.

The creation of the perfect bowl of cereal required a creation of awesome packaging design to match it. JAM was tasked with the job of creating a pack that would disrupt the category whilst also allowing JR original to sit alongside this new sku.

The loyal JR consumer needed to be taken on a journey and new consumers were required to buy into this new offering. Photography was used to create appetite appeal, the Just Right brand and colour pallet was used to assist the consumer in understanding the difference between JR & JRF – the introduction to different photography and the “Fusion” lock up were the keys to the success of the pack.

Be Natural Cereal Front
Be Natural Cereal Back

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