Food Packaging Design

With the ever increasing pressure on margins and production costs, the big question for marketers in a highly competitive market is… “How do we use our packaging design to grab consumer attention and sell from the shelf amongst a sea of competitors?”

Your goal is to attract new consumers and grow whilst at the same time retaining your existing customers.

At Jam&Co when we design packaging, we look, not only at your short term goals for product sales, but we also focus on how to use your pack (the silent salesperson) to take your targeted consumer on the long term buying journey.

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How to Choose A Top Food Packaging Design Agency

While the primary function of food packaging is to protect your product, the principal aim of your packaging design is consumer attraction and retention. The packaging needs to sell itself in under four seconds.
To do this your pack must answer the following three questions:

1. Why should I pick you up? (What has attracted me to this product?)
2. What’s this product for (What problem does this product solve for me?)
3. What’s the brand (credibility) behind the product (Can I trust this product to deliver on it’s promise?)

When choosing a food packaging design agency, you need to make sure they:

Are responsive - willing to go the extra mile
Are cost effective
Are experienced with a proven track record
Have a proven and packaging effective design process

How much should food packaging design cost?

As a food product developer you have already invested in developing a high quality product. That stated, if you aren’t able to get your targeted customer to buy it… well there’s not a whole lot of sense in that.

To get your food product into the hands of your chosen consumer, your product must be positioned to the right retail distribution channel, with access to the right audience. Then once on shelf, your product pack must be more than just pretty pictures, because the look and feel of your food packaging will have a direct impact on how your targeted customer notices your product amongst a sea of competitors. You want your pack to sell from a crowded shelf.

So how much should you budget for food product packaging that sells from the shelf?

Contact us, tell us a little about what you are trying to accomplish and if we can’t meet your budget, at the very least, we’ll be able to point you in the right direction of where you can go.


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